You May Not Be Sure, But Your Destiny Is Clear and Assured

I do not believe in destiny, not in the sense that everything was pre-ordained before you were born, or there is some kind of god directing your life like a chess piece.  But I do believe that you have a destiny and that it is clear and immutable, written into your very DNA, programmed into you before birth. And it isn’t hard to find.

When you think about it, you know that the universe is programmed for each thing to evolve into its ultimate state…the embryo becomes the baby, the acorn the oak, and you are programmed, through your inner GPS (your emotions) and the law of attraction, not just to seek, but to get whatever would most contribute to your highest happiness.  Here’s how it works:

You know what you don’t want because when it is happening, it feels bad.  So you know what you do want, because when you have it, it feels good.  When you align, through your feelings, with the vibration of what you want rather than what you don’t want, everything you want must come to you. This is because everything in the world is made up of energy and energy is vibrational. Therefore everything has its own vibrational frequency.

We are electro-magnetic energy beings and feelings are what cause that energy to vibrate and tune us in, or align us, to a particular vibrational frequency.  It’s like tuning in to a radio frequency to get a particular radio station. If you focus your attention and therefore your feelings on what you don’t want, then you resonate with and draw that to you.  If you focus your attention and feelings on what you do want, then you resonate with and draw that to you.  It works in the same way that when one tuning fork is struck and starts to vibrate and produce a note, another fork across the room which is on the same “wave length” will also begin to hum and vibrate.

If an acorn’s highest state of evolution is to become a majestic oak tree, then a human being’s highest state of evolution is to be in the highest state of happiness possible, a state of utter bliss, beaming, radiating happiness, intensely alive and glowing.  Because we don’t like getting what we don’t want, it is our natural impulse to learn how to get what we do want, to be happy. You are programmed to seek to understand how to be happy. Every event in your life that doesn’t make you happy is leading you to understand how to be happy.

When you go out and try to get things to make you happy, you actually interrupt the programme that would bring you what you want, because your vibration is one of lack.  The state that does not interrupt the programming and will bring you all that will make you happy, is a state of being not doing. It is the state of being aligned with your light, the Buddha mind, Christ mind….basically of being in the highest vibrational state there is of pure (unconditional and unattached) love, which, like every other state, is magnetic. (Think back to the tuning forks.)  You can choose your vibrational state and what you magnetise to yourself by choosing how you feel.

Being able to choose pure unconditional, unattached love in every moment, vibrating at that highest level, and emitting the electro-magnetic energy, the bliss that goes with it, is the ultimate evolution of a human being….enlightenment, or nirvana.  That is the equivalent for you and I of becoming a majestic oak tree, rather than a twisted, stunted one. Unconditional, unattached love means feeling good no matter what, feeling love no matter what. It means that the conditions in your life, good or bad, do not influence your feelings, your feelings are apart, separate, unconditional upon anything else.

Every person you meet, every circumstance is exactly where you need to be to allow the programming, your innate impulse towards feeling good, to work. This is not some arbitrary fate ….it’s just how you are programmed to operate.  That’s all.

Your destiny is to be happy.  You get there through feeling good.  You feel good when you can live unconditionally…..and learning to do that is what you are programmed to do.

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