What Others Say

Here are just a few of the comments I have received from clients whose lives have been transformed through our work together:

“Jane – you need to coach the whole world! That was just one hour on the phone and I am in a totally different place. You were able to pinpoint exactly where I was off track and bring me back to a place where I feel completely on purpose. I feel like I have been given permission to pursue the things I really want to do again. Thank you! ” Liz Reid


“Working with Jane has been an amazing, enlightening experience. I first contacted Jane asking for help with confidence to deal with some aspects of my then MLM business which I felt blocked with, and couldn’t get to grips with.

Jane is incredibly intuitive and perceptive and helped me see that what I had been told I should be doing in the business didn’t actually accord with my personality/values. Jane peeled back the layers of conditioning to uncover what I actually want to do when I retire from my pressurised managerial career.  Following decades of being mum and boss, I’m beginning to find out who I am again, and that I am perfectly ok as I am.

The journey has been incredibly interesting.  There has been lots of laughter, some tears,  many “I don’t know’s” and numerous AHA moments. Together we have put a plan in place for my future business and mapped out a timeline so that I can see where I’m going and what steps I need to take to make it happen.  I will be working with Jane again as the time approaches to launch my business. 

Personally, I now feel lighter in my being, as if a huge weight has been lifted. There has been a big shift in the way that I think and that is something which is continuing.   I can now see a way forwards from making a living, to making a life for myself, doing what interests and inspires me and will give me more time with my family.

 I cannot recommend or praise Jane highly enough – an amazing  intuitive coach.”   Clare Beesting


Dear Jane, I’m just writing to share another positive story with you…as I have just been sat having a reflective moment! 
It’s been about 2 years since I had my sessions with you but they are still resonating with me to this day, which is amazing.

You may not recall but one of my ‘issues’ was that I was deeply fearful about death and in particular illness and medical procedures. So much so, that I had decided back then that I would probably never have children as the thought of going through pregnancy and child birth, and the medical interventions that may follow, would be too horrendous for me to contemplate. I very clearly remember that we discussed this and you told me that despite having medical intervention with the birth of your boys, they were very happy and positive experiences and that you were laughing and joking with the medics. You told me that not all births have to be as awful as people make them out to be. This comment has stuck with me ever since. 

Well I’m very pleased to tell you that I am currently half way through my pregnancy and so far I have had a wonderful happy and healthy pregnancy with no intervention at all and no sign of any illness – I have been one of the lucky ones with no morning sickness! I’m now also in the process of planning a beautiful and peaceful home birth and instead of dreading the idea of giving birth, I’m really excited to go through that experience and so determined that I will have a positive birth story that I can share with others…just like the story that you shared with me. 

Our conversation about birth was such a small part of the work that we did together but it had such a profound effect on my mindset. Keep doing what you are doing Jane, it’s great! ” Debbie Heath


“Working with Jane has been inspirational. 
The best way I can describe the process from my personal perspective is that I felt like a ship on a stormy sea; completely at the mercy of the elements – being tossed around with no direction or control. Jane was the lighthouse. She has shown me a way out of the chaos to a calmer place, given me control to go where I want to go and the illumination to understand how I can change.

From feeling extremely stressed, overwhelmed and lacking confidence with no idea how to change those feelings… Jane has given me both the tools and the belief that I can and I will. I feel genuinely much more positive about life in general and that in itself is invaluable.” Joy Sharp


“Just had a free 30 minute taster phone call with coach Jane Tai. If you NEED clarity you need Jane. Still reeling from the astute, intuitive points Jane made about me this morning. Anxious to try practical techniques she suggested.” Julie Roberts


Pam Medhurst - Yoga Teacher

“Thanks for today, we did a lot and I felt huge shifts in energy & blockages.  I am mega excited about moving forward.  I feel I’ve learnt so much from you in such a short time.   Your help was invaluable in finding direction with my ‘bits’ of business to get it to look like a coherent offering & I love the direction we’ve come up with and although I feel I was part of the way there I knew there was much more to come. You dug it out which I know was not easy when I often answered ‘I don’t know’.  Thank you for being persistent in a gentle way to encourage me to keep going way beyond my comfort zone. 

I love the way you started the day, it made me feel very welcome and at ease.  I acknowledged to myself on the drive over that I was feeling nervous at what the day would hold.  I know that nerves and excitement are very close and depend to a certain extent on interpretation, but I was feeling nervous. Your lovely welcome completely dispelled those nerves and allowed me to be very open with my communication. 

It was a wonderful space to hold the day.  It was such a pleasure to feel so at ease in such a beautiful setting.  

Since we have started working together I have become much more focussed on what I want from myself/my business (the same thing to me in some ways, but not in others…) and have realised/been reminded that I am able to do this, have something unique to offer others, and that (cliché moment) I am worth it!  Pam Medhurst


Sarah first came to see me a few years ago suffering from panic attacks. She could no longer go on public transport and it was as if her life was closing in on her. I treated her for the panic attacks and she wrote to me afterwards to thank me for turning her life around. A couple of years later Sarah took up a free 30 minute call I was offering. The panic attacks had not returned, but now she was off work with a bad back and dreading going back to her job as a chef. I knew that she had always dreamed of owning her own café and baking cakes but that that dream seemed out of reach to her. As a result of that call, and knowing my former career as an international lawyer and successful entrepreneur, she booked a 3 month mentoring package with me. By the time we had finished, Sarah had not only left her job, but with my help she had actually signed the lease on a café, written a detailed business plan and financial forecast, obtained funding, redecorated the premises, designed her menus, bought the stock and a few days before Easter she opened the doors to her dream café! Here’s what Sarah wrote to me:

Sarah Farley & Her Relish Cafe & Sandwich Shop, Redcar

“I hope you know how much I appreciate your help and support. If I hadn’t had your free offer email while I was off work

with my back, I don’t think any of this would have happened, or maybe not for another 6 years, I think I might have always had reasons why I wasn’t doing it yet but you popped up at the perfect time and sorted me out. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, for helping me believe anything is possible! I have been taking time to beam today, and while beaming I realised I’m going to have a cafe to decorate at Xmas time and am now looking forward to tree-decorating and making a billion mince pies and Xmas cakes :-) ..maybe a chocolate version.” Sarah Farley


Jane, THANK YOU SO MUCH for last week. I LOVED it and it made me feel so much more chilled out about life. Far less pressure on what’s best to do and allowing me to listen to myself again. You have taught me to listen to myself and my body properly so that I can make informed decisions about what I really want to do with my life, both long term and on a day-to-day basis. You have the most amazing energy and it’s such a pleasure to be in your company!  ”Thank you for being my “zen-masteress”!  You’re such a great person to know and you’re so good at dispensing just the wisdom I need in the amount, at the time I need it most! ” Dawn Pincombe


“I knew that I had to do something about the major mess I was in, but did not have the courage to set up a business on my own.   I have had my business idea in my head for over a decade but my own insecurity made me feel that the only way that I would do it was by going into partnership with someone.  I did not have faith in myself that I could do it alone, but you hear so many stories about business partnerships going wrong that I was reluctant to do this.

By working with Jane to guide me, I get all the benefits of being in a partnership with someone and none of the headaches.   I think of Jane as being my pocket partner, giving me the confidence I need.

Jane seems to know intuitively the perfect way to work with me.  She homed in quite quickly that I am a bit of a plodder and cuts my fortnightly goals up into small, achievable-sized chunks, which has been the best way to deal with me. She is like a chameleon.  She is able to be whatever I need from her at any given moment.  From session to session my requirements are hugely different and Jane is adept in understanding my new apprehensions.

I don’t think of myself as being stupid and it is important me to feel confident that I am being advised by someone who I believe is intelligent and knows what they are talking about.   I am aware that Jane is well educated and a qualified Solicitor, who decided to pack it in and follow her passion.  Her intellect shines through.

I like the fact that Jane is able to intravenously tap into me using a lot of different dimensions that she has up her sleeve and it works on me like a magic button.  Having worked with Jane, I would make it mandatory for all businesses to send their colleagues to her, especially at Management Level.

I don’t like to think of what would have happened to me if I hadn’t called Jane when I did.  I’m pleased that I did.” Jane Moss. http://www.xstyping.co.uk/


“I am just about to send out my 1000th invoice!!! Thank you so much for turning my life around. If It wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have sent out the first invoice yet.” Jane Moss XS Typing


I started my new job last week and am feeling incredibly positive. I have absolutely no regrets about coming to see you. It was a very good decision for me despite my initial reservations about spending that amount of money on myself! There has been a real positive change in my thinking and my attitude towards life.  My anxiety has gone and that is a fabulous result! My confidence has increased in a big way. The few weeks leading up to me starting my new job I felt calm and ready for it. Someone even commented on how laid back I seemed. I wasn’t pretending, it was just the new way you taught me to think about myself and my abilities.

I am sure that I have already created a good impression with my colleagues and that they have accepted me. The other senior managers in my department are lovely people and I truly believe I am worthy of this new post and think they picked the right woman for the job!

Like you said, this is the beginning of a journey for me and I am going to keep going with it in the knowledge that it will help me deal with any future stressful times that come up in my life. So thank you very much for your help, you have really turned things around for me and helped me get back to who I really am. “  Penny Mitchell


“Put quite simply with your help I changed my life. Thanks so much for your support.  I think you are doing an invaluable job!” Andrea Blackman


Dawn Thyne

“Jane has absolutely changed my life! When I first visited Jane I had suffered from Glandular Fever and was very run down and tired. I felt exhausted in every meaning of the word! I have since learnt that I became so ill because I was not managing my busy lifestyle well at all. My body and mind were exhausted and the jobs to do lists were out of control, I felt like I was sinking.
Jane enabled me to see the much bigger picture. To value my life and the things that are around me to put the things I found unmanageable and daunting into perspective. She also boosted my energy and re-programmed me to see things differently.
Jane is committed to helping people and does so in whatever way she feels is appropriate to you and that commitment is unwavering. I am so grateful to have met her and will continue my journey down a new path which is calm, happy and sustainable. I truly mean it when I thank her whole-heartedly for opening my eyes to how my life can be!” Dawn Thyne


“After years of little or no confidence in myself and facing one of the biggest challenges in my life, competing in the US Open World Martial Arts Championships in America in July 2013, my martial arts instructor suggested that it might be a good idea for me to do some sessions with Jane to overcome my psychological blocks. At first I wasn’t sure but after some persuasion I agreed. So I went to see Jane to overcome my chronic lack of confidence so that I could achieve my potential in America. After working with Jane I felt more confident than I have ever felt in every aspect of life. I was genuinely amazed at the difference I felt in myself! The blocks to my confidence seemed to just fall away. Success in sport is 90% mental and Jane has the knowledge and experience of elite performance to give you that 90%. Thanks to my sessions with Jane, I went to the World Championships filled with the new, inner confidence and self-belief that I needed. As a result, I surpassed the targets I had set myself and went on to win a 1st place, two 2nd places, two 3rd places and a 5th place. I am certain I could not have achieved this without Jane’s help! ” Iain Tyler


“Jane is an amazing business woman. She could change the world before breakfast” Michael Paterson

“And the Universe before lunch!” Alex Jackson