The 3 Secrets To Living A Richly Rewarding Life

An affluent life is about so much more than having plenty of money.  An affluent life is one that is richly rewarding, which seems to flow gracefully and effortlessly.  It is a life filled with love and friendship, full of physical, spiritual and emotional health, and material, emotional and spiritual wealth. An affluent life is a happy life.

All the things you want, you only want because you think having them will make you feel good or better. What you ultimately want is to feel good, to feel great, to feel wonderful, to feel happy and at peace with yourself, with life, and to know that you have more than enough in every area of life… matter what.

This is not just a matter of positive thinking, far from it.  This is about your experience of life, about actually feeling positive, not just thinking it, about loving life and having life love you back.  This is about how you see life….whether you see fear, hardship, struggle and negativity, or love, abundance, ease and positivity. This is about more than putting on rose tinted spectacles.  This is about changing your experience of life, no matter what’s going on.

Imagine being able to stay serene even when really bad “stuff” happens.  Imagine being able to remain calm and in control, through the ups and downs, the joys and disasters of life. This is about freedom. This is about inextinguishable inner peace and happiness. This is about true affluence.

Living an affluent life depends entirely upon the mindset with which you navigate through life.  Your attitude to life and all that it brings you, determines your experience of life (i.e. whether you enjoy it or not).  And it also affects what you get in life.

Only those with a particular mindset can experience an affluent life. It isn’t a question of luck or hard work. It’s all about mindset.  This mindset is based on 3 core attitudes.  I call them the “Aha of Affluence”, because when you fully get what they are and absorb them into your natural way of looking at life, it’s like a Eureka moment. From that point on, everything is different. Everything is better. And you can never go back once you know what you know.

Introducing The 3 Secrets

I only have space here to introduce briefly the 3 core attitudes that will lead to you being

  • Happy for no reason
  • With a deep inner peace no matter what; and
  • Feeling vibrant

In the next few weeks I will post a blog explaining each of the 3 attitudes in more detail.

Attitude 1. – Acceptance

Everyone is always doing the best they can with the knowledge, wisdom and experience that they have.  This is crucial to understand. You must live with non-judgement and forgiveness, of self as well as others. Forgiveness means to over-look the mistakes to the core of the person, their immortal soul. It doesn’t mean you have to accept what they did, but you do have to see it as a mistake they made because they were doing the best they knew how, however bizarre that thought may seem to you. Remember, you have different knowledge, wisdom and experiences.

AND it means acceptance of the things you cannot change, surrendering to the flow of life. We are brought up in a culture that urges us to believe that we can do anything we want to do…..but it isn’t always up to us. Earthquakes and car crashes happen. Companies fail and we lose our job through no fault of our own.  We cannot control what somebody else choses to do.  We can only control our own reaction.  So knowing when it is something you cannot control or change, and accepting it is key to inner peace.

Attitude 2.Humanity

Everything can be taken away from you except your integrity. Your home, your livelihood, your family, your health, your liberty. Everything.  Everyone will see you through their own perspective, not as you see yourself.  So in everything you do remember this, you are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. Everything can be taken from you except your thoughts and if you know, if you look into your heart, your motives, your behaviours and know that your heart is pure, if you have your integrity and can live with yourself, then that is all that matters. If you have made a mistake, and we all do, then attitude no 1 applies.  Forgive yourself and where you can, apologise and make amends.

AND humanity means living with respect, compassion and loving kindness for all creation.

Attitude 3. – Appreciation

Look for the gift, the learning in everything. In every difficult, painful situation, there is a gift.  It is usually a lesson in self-growth.  Sometimes it is making way for something better.  Sometimes it is just appreciating what you have instead of bemoaning what you don’t have. Look for the beauty in all of life.  In every moment.  When you feel appreciation, you feel good.  It is one of the highest vibrational energies there is and will attract more of the same to you.

AND expect the best. Appreciation means staying open to the possibilities in every situation, however seemingly impossible they may be.  It is trusting that things will always work out for the best, even when you can’t see it.


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