I Want To Thank You….

This time last year I felt the need to listen to the natural rhythm of the seasons. Winter is a time of retreat into the depths of the earth for most of nature. A time of withdrawing, going within and focussing on the roots, ready for new growth in the spring. So for 40 days I virtually hibernated, spending my time reading, reflecting and meditating. Instead of reviewing the last year, making resolutions, thinking about my work and how to develop it over the next year, I deliberately stopped trying. I stopped planning, making decisions, and trying to grow my business. Instead, I gave my mind nothing to think about, space where it began to wander free, to wonder, and finally to tune in to the song of my soul. The mind is such a loud chatterbox, always responding to life and telling us what we “should” do. The song of the soul is a deep, silent knowing, a gentle hum in the depths of your being, a soft vibration which given space will build and reverbrate and echo out, into and through your life. When the mind is busy, we pay no attention to the song of the soul. It is only when there is stillness and peace in the mind that we can hear the song it gently sings to us, calling, beckoning us on our true path.

During my retreat last year I heard the call to write. It wasn’t difficult and needed very little planning. Once the idea was there, I found that it took over with a life of its’ own and my Daily Connections and Daily Inspirations were born. I was able to quickly and easily put together a process for getting the writing done and getting it posted onto my Facebook Page. This is the difference between inspired action and deliberated action.

However, what I didn’t know was whether anybody would find what I had to say worth reading, or inspiring. I just knew that I had to get my message out there and keep getting it out there. I have trodden some dark paths in my life where the forest seemed ready to swallow me whole. And I knew that the way I had learnt to navigate myself out might be just what somebody else needs to hear as they tread their own dark path. But my Facebook Page is one of thousands, maybe millions. I sent invitations to a few people to like and follow the page, and thankfully they did. But without constant engagement on the page, Facebook won’t feed my posts into other people’s newsfeeds, and my message will remain hidden from view.

So as this year drew to a close I began to feel huge appreciation to you for being such a support in helping my writing to be seen. It has been a bit of a slow burn but I know now that people I have never heard of are reading and finding some inspiration or comfort in my words. That is down to you, for liking my posts and commenting on them and building the visibility of the page.

So THANK YOU, for taking the time, and yes, sometimes the courage, to click “like” on a post, or to pop in a comment. It really does mean so much to me. My message can’t get out there without you.

As a token of my appreciation, I have recorded a short meditation which I offer to you as a gift this Christmas, to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Please click the link below to hear the meditation. If you would like the mp3 version so you can download it to listen to on your ipod or phone, then please click here and put “Please send me the Mp3 ” in the comments box.


Before I sign off, I have put below some brief instructions to go with the meditation. Please take a minute to read them before you listen to the meditation.

Blessings and I wish you Peace and Joy this Christmas.

Thank you.


10 Minute Stillness Meditation Instructions

  1. The purpose of this short meditation is to help you to connect to that place of deep inner stillness where your mind becomes quiet. It is also to deeply relax you physically.  This is important especially in times of great stress or emotional disturbance.  We use alot of energy up in these emotions so regular deep relaxation can help to restore your energy levels by simply giving your body a little bit of time out.
  2. Please find a comfy place to listen to this meditation where you can go into deep relaxation and will not be disturbed.
  3. It can help to create private space somewhere in your home to be your “sacred space” where you go to meditate. You might want to put some special things there that connect you to nature or to spirit. You can make a personal “altar”. The purpose of an altar is that it is a place where you bring things to be altered. So in creating this sacred space, you are creating a connection in your mind, an altar of the mind, where you can bring aspects of your life, thinking and emotions to be altered by the inner work you do in this space.
  4. The meditation is short, but once you know what you are doing, you can use this process without the recording to guide you and can stay in that place of deep stillness for as long as you like. Some people like to meditate to music and that’s fine too.
  5. You cannot do it wrong!  Your mind is not supposed to be empty, just don’t engage with the thoughts that occur and allow then to drift off. In time your mind will slow down when you begin to meditate.
  6. It can be helpful to keep a notebook nearby to write down any thoughts of insights that may come to you as to you as you meditate.
  7. Enjoy! And do get in touch if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.



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