Clear Directions

Carol’s Directionless Depression

Carol had given up her career to move from the coast which she loved, to the city, because of her husband’s job.  She was now a full-time mother and desperately unhappy, feeling that she wanted to do something, but not seeing how she could use all the skills she had, feel fulfilled and still be there for her 4 year old. She only had a few hours a week when she could work.  Carol had such a wonderful imagination and so many areas where she could use it were calling to her and she didn’t know what to do.  She also felt stuck in the city and yearned to be back by the coast. She wasn’t able to settle and kept talking about moving back to be by the sea. This  was preventing her making any real decisions.

We started to work together and in one amazing session I had such a clear vision of how she could unite all of her talents into a business that could start small and grow over the next few years as her child needed less of her time. We designed an incredible plan which was flexible yet clear.  We worked on her business and her personal life together, and how she could work with and integrate nature into her life even in the city. A real breakthrough came when she realised that she didn’t need to go back to the coast, and from then on she began to settle and was much happier.  Recently she sent me this message: “Jane I did it!!! I got my first commission.”


Lucy Steps From Stuck To Freedom

When I met Lucy last summer, she was off work with exhaustion, and dreading going back to a job she hated.  She was scared that if she started working for herself she wouldn’t have the energy to do what was needed to make a go of it.  The dreams she had once had had crumbled and she was stuck in a kind of twilight world.

We worked together and started to unlock what was really going on….unresolved situations from her past, fears for the future, not really knowing who she was or daring to believe that her life could be rich and full. She didn’t just need a clear direction, she needed the courage to do it and the knowledge that her health problems were related to her work and emotional life and once those were cleared, her health would improve.  Within weeks of starting to work with me, Lucy had handed in her notice, set up her website, got her business cards printed and started working for her first 2 clients.  She had also made some clear decisions about putting the past behind her, moving home and planning to go on a trip she had always dreamed of.  Her health was improving and she was finding the energy she needed. “I’m so glad I met you” she told me recently. “I’ve been following your steps …all of which have helped me get to here!”


At A Crossroads 

And just today, I worked with a client who is getting divorced and needs to find a new career to support herself.  Our first few sessions were mostly spent dealing with the emotional fallout of the divorce and repairing her shattered confidence.  Last week I took her on an inner journey to meet her real self. When she came today, she was a different person. She knew who she was and what was really important to her.  She felt grounded and clear and finally today we were able to work, from scratch, on what kind of work would be right for her and meet all her requirements.  She left with 4 options to review and a real sense of hope for the future.  Our next sessions will make the final choice and then start to put the plans in place to get the business off the ground. It was so good to see her fired up and hopeful for the future instead of how fearful and tearful she has been.

If you need a clear direction, then call me on 0800 083 1681 or click here to send me a message and I will give you a complimentary 40 minute telephone consultation. 

I don’t advertise specific packages, because everybody is different and I tailor the packages to the individual. However at the end of your consultation, if I think I can help you further, then I will tell you how we could go about it….there’s no obligation.  It has to be a fit for both of us.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to find your Clear Direction.