The 3 Secrets To Living A Richly Rewarding Life

An affluent life is about so much more than having plenty of money.  An affluent life is one that is richly rewarding, which seems to flow gracefully and effortlessly.  It is a life filled with love and friendship, full of physical, spiritual and emotional health, and material, emotional and spiritual [...] Read more »

I Want To Thank You….


This time last year I felt the need to listen to the natural rhythm of the seasons. Winter is a time of retreat into the depths of the earth for most of nature. A time of withdrawing, going within and focussing on the roots, ready for new growth in the [...] Read more »

Happiness Heals

The dictionary defines “to heal” as to cause to become sound or healthy again, or to correct an undesirable situation. But what is healing really?  And how does it work?  It isn’t just giving someone a pill or an operation.  That might help to cure a wound or infection, but [...] Read more »

The Solution To Being Stuck – Part 2


In Part 2 I am going to tell you how I lifted myself out of a very stuck place and began to turn my life around. Some years ago I had been stuck for a long time, struggling to know how to go forward.  I was exhausted.  I couldn’t see a way [...] Read more »

Put On Your Crown – It’s Time To Take The Throne

Gabe was a rarity.  We were living in Hong Kong at the time and my 4 year old son was in a large kindergarten.  All of the teachers were female, except Gabe, a young Dutch man.  The children loved Gabe and so did I.  The reason I admired him so [...] Read more »

The 2 Keys to Being Alive, Radiant & On Purpose

Success, fulfilment and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not others. Happy, fulfilled, successful people have freedom in their lives.  I’m not talking here about the usual freedoms you hear about like financial freedom. No. The freedom they have is freedom from fear.  This freedom is [...] Read more »

Stop The Struggle & Somersault Into A New Reality

The other day I was talking to a close friend who is also an escaped lawyer! She was a top notch barrister whilst I was a high-flying City solicitor, and we were comparing notes about how we felt before we made our great escapes! We had different ways of describing [...] Read more »