Gifts of the Storm

I was feeling rather tired last night….I’d worked late into the evening trying to get a new piece of software for my business working and eventually had to give up. I went to bed thinking maybe I’d miss my run this morning. I didn’t feel great and as I went [...] Read more »

“This Could Be Heaven or This Could Be Hell”

“This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell”.  The words jumped out at me from the front cover of the magazine in the bathroom as I prepared for my morning run today.  “My thoughts exactly!” I murmured to myself.  I started the transition to barefoot running in January this [...] Read more »

See the Opportunity in Every Problem

Winston Churchill gave good advice when he said that.  Here’s how I have taken his words on board to achieve my running goal for this year. Click on the link below to watch my short video and leave a comment if you want to come along. Never, Never, Never Give [...] Read more »

Mandela’s Medicine

Most people accept these days that exercise is good for you.  Yet a great many people still don’t make the effort to get fit.  Others do it in fits and starts, stopping when life distracts them in some way that makes it hard for them to continue to exercise.  There [...] Read more »

I’ve Done Something HUGE!

I have done something HUGE.  Living with my ex-husband for 10 months after we split up…that’s really tough.  But I got through it by focussing on achieving something outstanding….something that I had always kind of wanted to do but never really thought was possible for me.  I coached myself, trained [...] Read more »