Turning Your Dreams Into Reality Is Not A Solo Job

I’ve just come back from 2 weeks in the States, where my 14 year old son was competing in the US Open World Martial Arts Championships. As I reflect on the 7 month journey from his selection to the competition, I realise that, brilliantly though he did, he did not [...] Read more »

May Newsletter – Spring Has Sprung!

Mad March Hares

Welcome! Well it seems as though spring has finally sprung and we can look forward at last to summer!  Finally I have been able to plant my vegetable patch with the seedlings that have spent far too long on my windowsill or in the greenhouse waiting for those frosts to [...] Read more »

Gifts of the Storm

I was feeling rather tired last night….I’d worked late into the evening trying to get a new piece of software for my business working and eventually had to give up. I went to bed thinking maybe I’d miss my run this morning. I didn’t feel great and as I went [...] Read more »

Cry Your Eyes Out?

We all get times when we just want to cry.  But I’ve always felt conflicted as to whether crying is good for me or not.  Our British culture frowns upon crying.  We are brought up to “keep a stiff upper lip” and crying is traditionally seen as a sign of [...] Read more »

Mind Your Fullness

Rush, Rush, Rush – 4 years ago I was struggling with life.  Everything was rush, rush,rush, push and strive…it was a real struggle every day.  My business was a struggle, my home life was a struggle…there was just so much to do. My mind was so full of all the things I [...] Read more »

Stress Less

We Live in the Age of Anxiety: Constantly worrying about global warming, save the Arctic, double-dip recessions, will I have a job next month?  Most of us have too little…..too little time, too little money, too little love.  We’re hanging on for dear life to what we’ve got. “Better the [...] Read more »

The Gift in Death

I just heard today about 2 mothers who died yesterday, one very suddenly of an unexplained illness, the other after a long and difficult battle with cancer.  Both had young children.  I didn’t personally know either of these mothers, but people I know did and, as a mother of two [...] Read more »

How To Be Happy

The happiness myth –Most people think happiness comes when things go right, or from having good luck or good genes.  How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll be happy when…” you get or do something, like get that new job, clear your debts, lose weight etc  Well that’s [...] Read more »

An Egg For An Eye

By the age of 60, my grandmother was blind.  The cause of her blindness was related to diabetes. When I was little we used to visit my grandparents every week.  Nanny had also lost both her legs to gangrene, another possible risk of diabetes, and was bed-ridden.  Every Sunday we [...] Read more »