About Me

Jane Tai is an Oxford educated former high-flying, international lawyer. But she knew in her heart that it wasn’t her. A serious illness led to a pivotal moment of clarity.  She left her career to pursue her passion for psychological, philosophical and spiritual wisdom, and the role of the mind in transforming the pain and struggle of life into joyful thriving. She became a highly successful entrepreneur, listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals, and is now is a committed wisdom teacher, author of “Today’s Dream Tomorrow’s Reality” and an expert personal transformation coach with an intuitive ability for seeing where people are off track and bringing them into alignment with who they are meant to be.  

The Dreaming Spires of Oxford

A few years ago I was described as “an amazing businesswoman who could change the world before breakfast! I have a Master’s Degree from Oxford University and had a hugely successful career as a high-flying international lawyer.  I have a glittering record of other achievements, but it all only left me feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and out of integrity.  I felt sick at heart, and soon my body followed suit.  I got so ill I could barely move. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t pay my bills. My relationship deteriorated and my life seemed to be spiralling downwards. Something was deeply wrong.  At the same time I felt this profound yearning in my soul, like something was bursting to be let out….but I couldn’t even begin to express what it was, what I was yearning for.   I just knew that there had to be something more than this

And so began my quest, searching for my soul, searching for my happiness, my purpose, searching for my health, my wealth, the loving relationship I longed for, searching, searching for the answer to what that yearning something was and how I could set it free

In the course of my search I realised that the answer was in changing me!  I changed careers, I re-wired my internal thought processes and beliefs, and I re-wrote my own life.  At first I rejected my past as a lawyer, but finally I learnt that even that hated period of my life served a significant purpose in my journey.  A lawyer is someone who understands and can apply complex laws, the forces that shape our outer world, our society, and can help people to claim what is rightfully theirs.  These skills, I realised, could now be applied to  the universal and spiritual laws that shape our inner world and the thing that is rightfully yours that I help you claim is your life…, your purpose, your happiness, your health, your wealth, your loving relationships, your perfect self-expression, your soul and your success……your personal answer that will set you free to be your magnificent self.

Jane Tai - Soul Lawyer

Because I’ve walked the path, I know how it feels.  My life has really been a wonderful gift to me, because I now know how to answer the call within someone’s soul that’s just crying out for help, crying out for someone to recognise it, to show you the way to break through all the limitations and self-sabotage that keep you stuck and set your soul free to live, love and laugh, to sing and dance, and be who you were meant to be, doing what you were meant to do and living a vibrant, meaningful life.

That’s what I’m here to do, that’s my purpose in life.

I love to see my client’s faces literally light up as we begin to change their life and they see a bright future where once they saw only hopelessness, frustration and limitation.

My  Inspirational Personal Journey

I’ve been in that dark, limiting place where I felt so scared, so helpless or where things just seemed plain “wrong”, so many times in my life….

  • When I left university and didn’t want to go and start my training as a solicitor. I was so shy, I had zero self-esteem, I felt so inadequate, how could I possibly do it? (I actually went and did my Master’s Degree just so that I could put it off a bit longer! That’s how scared I was!)
  • When my best friend was brutally raped and murdered…… life became so scary.
  • When I was in a long-distance, Romeo and Juliet multi-cultural relationship for 4 years that was so painful in its impossibility, that it nearly destroyed me…..and him!
  • When I developed Chronic Fatigue (ME) and had to take 10 months off work. I couldn’t pay my mortgage but dreaded going back to the job I hated.
  • When I was made redundant from my last job as a solicitor and felt useless, although I knew that was my chance to leave the profession I hated but had no idea what to do instead.

    Just Before My Father Died

  • When my father, who was my rock, died whilst I was overseas and I felt so guilty for not having been there.
  • When my eldest son was diagnosed with a congenital immune deficiency for which there is no cure and I had to teach myself how to manage his condition and stop him getting ill.
  • When life lost all meaning after I miscarried my third child and an early menopause meant I could never have that longed for third child.
  • When my husband was falsely accused by a jealous shareholder, leading to 2 frightening years of investigations before the police announced that it was a malicious accusation.  But by that time we had lost our home and everything we owned in fighting to prove his innocence.
  • When my husband admitted to years of infidelity and my heart shattered into a million pieces.  How could I pick myself up from that one!

And the list could go on.  …

But each time  I refused to be beaten by my experiences.    Instead, like a true lawyer, I searched for what I could learn from them. I studied the mind and learnt to take control of my thoughts and change limiting beliefs.  I studied meta-physical and spiritual laws, and deepened my understanding of life.

The path has not been smooth, and is always a work in progress, but through all of these “bad” experiences, I have had successes.  I have…

Graduating From Oxford

  • Got a degree in Law from Oxford University and a Master’s Degree in Law from London University.
  • Spent 10 years as a high-flying lawyer in international law firms in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.  I learnt to be highly organised, to stand my ground and be tough. I learnt not only to survive in a man’s world where women lawyers were still considered inferior, but to shine.
  • Been head-hunted by a magic circle firm in the City and set up their Information Technology department.
  • Been a published author and an international speaker, making a name for myself in the Intellectual Property field.
  • Left a career I hated to fulfil my dream of working for myself.  This was after coming to understand that the true cause of my physical illness was not some random bug, but dis-ease in my heart and soul. I hated my job as a lawyer! I had no real interest in the law and the practice of law was totally against my nature.
  • Been Assistant Director responsible for education and training at the Law Society in Hong Kong and then set up my own legal training company, took 40% of the market share within 3 months and retained it against all competition.  It was a brave move to make as my then husband was self-employed and we had two small children.  But I just knew in my heart that I had to do it.

    The Boys I Am So Proud Of!

  • Had 2 children against all odds, that I never thought I would have.
  • Sold my company four years later to a multi-national publishing empire.
  • Followed where my freebird spirit led to spend 12 years living and working abroad.
  • Studied meta-physics and various wholistic therapies from counselling and psychotherapy to neuro-linguistic programming, from nutrition to shiatsu, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and EFT, gaining master practitioner qualifications in NLP and Hypnotherapy.  I devour every personal and spiritual development book I can lay my hands on and find out as much as I can about all sorts of alternative and nutritional therapies.
  • Spent time in the Kalahari learning and applying the ancient ways from the San Bushmen

    With The Bushmen In The Kalahari

  • Built up a property portfolio out of the ashes of financial ruin.
  • Brought up 2 wonderful, mature, communicative, considerate teenage boys alone for the last 6 years as their father returned to work overseas, fostering and supporting their love of sport to the point where they are both following their dreams and excelling (at national and international level) in their chosen sports.
  • Taken up running and ran my first marathon  whilst going through a painful divorce, achieving something that I had always dreamt of doing but thought was for elite athletes and way out of my reach.

    Finishing My 2nd Marathon

  • Kept myself  fit and healthy, physically and emotionally so that I look and feel better than I did in my 20s!
  • Found the work I love to do that abundantly supports my family and still expresses all that is in me and for the last 12+ years have created the life I wanted, working when I wanted to, doing the things I want to do and being there for my children.
  • Stepped into being my true self, and claimed back my life