How To Go From Blah To Bubbly

What Would You Change For Yourself?

Christmas is just around the corner and with all that that means, you may be  feeling more blah than bubbly. This isn’t another Top Tips To Cope With Christmas Stress article. But this is an opportunity for you to go beneath the glitter and sparkle and get to the root [...] Read more »

The Solution To Being Stuck – Part 2


In Part 2 I am going to tell you how I lifted myself out of a very stuck place and began to turn my life around. Some years ago I had been stuck for a long time, struggling to know how to go forward.  I was exhausted.  I couldn’t see a way [...] Read more »

The Solution To Being Stuck – Part 1

To Live Is To Create

Years ago I was trapped in a career I hated and a loveless marriage.  I knew I would never kill myself, but there were times when I just didn’t want to be here anymore. My life was shrinking. The enjoyment had gone.  My situation was choking the life out of [...] Read more »