Cry Your Eyes Out?

We all get times when we just want to cry.  But I’ve always felt conflicted as to whether crying is good for me or not.  Our British culture frowns upon crying.  We are brought up to “keep a stiff upper lip” and crying is traditionally seen as a sign of [...] Read more »

What’s Your WHY?

What’s your WHY?  Why do you want what you want?  What’s the benefit to you?  What’s in it for you? Knowing the deeper motivation behind your desires is what will drive all of your actions towards it until you cannot fail to achieve your desire. Find your WHY? by asking [...] Read more »

Dispel Your Problems

Struggling against something keeps it firmly in the forefront of your mind, where it has real power over you, dominating your thoughts and creating stress and worry…. or worse. Instead of battling what you don’t want, embrace what you do want, cultivate thoughts of what you want and pursue it [...] Read more »