Let’s Talk About………….How to Lose Weight

March 2011 The daffodils are emerging, spring is on its way. With spring, thoughts turn to losing weight. Most people try to lose weight by dieting, and buying a costly gym membership, intending to go 3 times week to burn off those excess calories. It sounds very sensible and positive. [...] Read more »

Let’s Talk About……How to Break Habits Like Smoking.

Feb 2011 Why do so many people find it so hard to stop smoking? We all know it’s bad for your health, causing potentially fatal illnesses like cancer, heart attacks and emphysema.  And before it kills you, it gives you rotten teeth and gums, a smokers’ cough, and shortness of [...] Read more »

“This Could Be Heaven or This Could Be Hell”

“This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell”.  The words jumped out at me from the front cover of the magazine in the bathroom as I prepared for my morning run today.  “My thoughts exactly!” I murmured to myself.  I started the transition to barefoot running in January this [...] Read more »