Mandela’s Medicine

Most people accept these days that exercise is good for you.  Yet a great many people still don’t make the effort to get fit.  Others do it in fits and starts, stopping when life distracts them in some way that makes it hard for them to continue to exercise.  There [...] Read more »

It’s All In The Mind – Part 2

If the trick to changing your reality is to change your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, then what’s the trick to changing thoughts?  It sounds very glib to say just change your thoughts, but how do you do that?  Have you ever had a thought, realised that you don’t want [...] Read more »

It’s All In The Mind – Part 1

The most important thing you need to know about your mind is that whatever you think about, at the conscious and unconscious levels, creates your reality.  Once you fully understand this fact, change will begin, because you will start to understand that in order to make that change and create [...] Read more »

I’ve Done Something HUGE!

I have done something HUGE.  Living with my ex-husband for 10 months after we split up…that’s really tough.  But I got through it by focussing on achieving something outstanding….something that I had always kind of wanted to do but never really thought was possible for me.  I coached myself, trained [...] Read more »